Aron Gunnarsson

Aron Gunnarsson is a football player from Iceland who is a full back and midfielder, and he is playing for Cardiff city recently. The European Cup in 2016, he led the Iceland race to break into the top 8 in the first European Cup qualifying race as a captain.It is known that Gunnarsson is famous for his strong skills in the field,which attract a lot of football fans. There is a beautiful girlfriend always waits on the sidelines, but many people do not know this Iceland captain only played a game within three years in order to comply with the contract and his own commitment. He would like to play at the Champions League ,so he refused the rich Premier League team's offer.

Gunnerson's style is plain and unobtrusive ,which is quite different from superstars on the court. Gunasone plays an important and irreplaceable role for promoting Iceland team to enter the finals of the European Championships for he broke into the lore ball. In addition, Gunasone is also the mainstay of the team. In France, Gunnarsson played five games in 426 minutes and made three threat ball, contributing a lot for the team.

Gunnarsson was awarded as the best player in the season of the year of 2008 to the year of 2009, so a great number of Premier League teams desire to make a good contracts with him. However, the Icelandic rejected all the contracts. He has said that he will keep his promise for completing the three-year contract with Coventry. In these three years, he played an average of 45 times per season and functioned as the team's core players.

As the captain of the national team, he has been dedicated for national team for four years. After the competition with France, he said that failure makes us very uncomfortable. Although we failed to continue  creating a miracle, what encouraged us to achieve so many success and honour is not only luck but our strength.. We'll always remember this history that made every Iceland proud.


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